Where a pilgrim begins

I started this pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela last year in September– in my mind. They say that the pilgrim way begins right from your front door. The post below was written in September 2013 when I first decided to start. In the meantime, I have bread dipped in Spanish olive oil, and walk among the twisted oaks of Spring Lake. Join me as I walk, write, sketch, and wander in the land of bull, oak, red wine, relics, grails, and pilgrims. Suzanne

3 thoughts on “Where a pilgrim begins

  1. Suzanne, Hope you have the greatest time over seas. I will be thinking of you and knowing you will be having a good time in Spain. May the Universe show you amazing things and may your heart be full of joy. Take real good care of yourself and hope to talk to you when you return.


  2. Suzanne, you are amazing! I’m so excited for and proud of you. You walk for all of us who wish we had the courage to pursue such a soul searching adventure. Peace be with you…..,,,,,,,, I hold you in my thoughts and pray that you discover all that you seek. I would be honored if you would mention my name at the holy site of Santiago. xoxo


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