Camino art supplies: sketchbook, paints, IPhone, no camera!

20140525-111218-40338875.jpgWell, I joined the 21st century this month and got an Iphone. I decided to leave the camera behind for several reasons. It’s not really a photo-documentary trip, as I want to sketch far more than photograph. I don’t want to be tied to a camera, and a camera is heavy and bulky for backpacking.
I’m now blogging from my Iphone, with photos taken by it. I’m looking forward to doing illustrated travel journaling. I’m carrying a Hand Book journal with around 5 by 8 inches. It has lots of pages of buff paper for a longer journey, and takes watercolor well. Here’s a sample drawing from Aroma cafe.

We all get obsessed with supplies for such a trip. I decided to literally ditch the camera for a journal. I am taking a folding keyboard, as typing a blog on my phone would kill both me and the writing. Goal: fewer photos, more drawings, journals, poetry. We’ll see. Enjoy some recent illustrated journaling attempts below.
Ultreia! Suz




5 thoughts on “Camino art supplies: sketchbook, paints, IPhone, no camera!

  1. Suzanne, I look forward to following your story!
    When I pilgrimaged to Malta in 2004, we were given some excerpts from a book called The Art of the Pilgrimage- The seekers guide to making travel sacred. I pulled some quotes:
    “To set out on a pilgrimage is to throw down a challenge to everyday life: the adventure of self-conquest has begun. Travel brings a special kind of wisdom if one is open to it. At home or abroad, things of the world pull us toward them with such gravitational force that, if we are not alert out entire lives, we can be sucked into their outwardness. Attentive travel helps us to see this, because the continually changing outward scene helps us to see through the worlds pretensions. With its phantasmagoric, kaleidoscopic character laid bare, we see it for what it truly is–perpetual perishing Maya.
    No need to don a hair shirt, for obstacles enough will erupt. You will be able to surmount them by yielding to them in the way that life always requires that we yield to it.”
    Happy trails!!! Caren


    1. What a beautiful blessing, Caren. You have always been a pilgrim. I’ll write you an email in response. I like the last line about yielding to a greater flow and larger force… or rather than submitting to it, just aligning with it and enjoying it. Pilgrimmage is travel with a metaphor guiding it– my own definition. Love, Suzanne


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