Camino Collection and Corrick’s Culture


For this post I’ve decided to back carefully out of the darker underworld of the Screwtape for Artists letters, and turn to brighter horizons. I’ve gathered my Camino de Santiago posts from last year into one chronological story for you. The photos give me a little spirit whiff  again of wheat fields, wine, virgins, horizons. For a moment I was back in the land of blossoms and boots, mazes and muses. I hope you enjoy them.


I have a show hosted by the lovely people at Corricks featuring Sonoma County Art Trails artists.  It’s me and the amazing Joel Bennett. Hope you can make it on Friday, if you’re in the area.  Spring is almost here, a good  time to consider your upcoming pilgrimage, wherever it may take you. Suzanne
Bennett & Edminster Poster

6 thoughts on “Camino Collection and Corrick’s Culture

  1. Robert and I shall be there…..and organizing the Camino entries will make it much easier for new readers and for your loyal following to review your adventures in the land of pilgrimage……

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  2. HI. I was just about to go back to all your posts about your camino journey as I found them so inspiring last year. Since I was twenty years old I planned to make the journey one day….and this year at the age of fifty one I am finally going to complete it. I am trying to spealk to as many people that I can about the journey before I go. I am actually going to catch up with the Canadian association this weekend. I am really excited. Thanks for sharing your story.


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