Scenes from Logrono to Navarette

Anti-bull killing for sport. I agree. It must be a horrible way for an animal to die.

I love these abstract pilgrims! I’m the one on the right.

The virgins are growing very strange, dense, and encrusted, very asiatic. I am in deep water here. Though adept with Christian symbols, I often have NO IDEA what’s going on. The churches are magnificent, creepy Twilight Zones, where it seems the saint figures might well come alive and walk around. Often they fill an elegant Romanesque shell with gold Baroque madness floor to ceiling, as if an insane pastry chef had frosted a plain loaf with dozens of giant glittery sugar roses.

I just lost paragraphs of writing. NO wifi and 90 beds in a room.. but free! Wish me luck tonight in the sea of (hopefully serene) sleepers. I’ll write more when I actually have wifi to support all the photo uploads. Buen Camino, Suzanne

4 thoughts on “Scenes from Logrono to Navarette

  1. Dearest Suzanne, I just love all the posts you write to everyone. Its amazing what you are doing in Spain ! Wishing you love and blessings throughout your journey and may you be safe by way of the Universe. Take real good care of yourself and have lots of fun. Looking forward to your next post. Your Friend Virginia Vita.


  2. We, your gentle readers, look forward to the expanded version upon your return!

    Ninety sleepers in one room sounds like the start of a Disney fairy tale….Those can also be creepy …

    Glad that you blisters are better — and that you are once again turtling along the Camino…


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