Walled Spanish Garden, with Pilgrim Totem animal


How far have I walked today? I think I’ll keep that a secret for now and tell you how far I haven’t walked. I haven’t walked 25 km. And I ended up in paradise, the Mirabel Roncal. It has a walled garden from long, long ago with museum like lawn ornaments, beautiful rooms, tables and gardens everywhere, and a great pilgrim totem, a turtle pond.

I am the turtle, eating a fine lunch in the garden with a beer from a soft drink machine, and olives and olive oil bought from the same snack automat. I added my own spanish seedless pear–Scott, take note!–and cheese, and a garden full of roses. Why would I want to leave?

I don’t really deserve such beauty, but there it is anyway. It’s a hard life, being a pilgrim.
Re the not-walked kilometers: the standard guide, Brierley, divides the Camino into stages. I will be sure to tell you each day how far in the current guidebook stage I didn’t walk. Remember my icon, the turtle.



I am saving my complaints, philosophical ideas, spiritual opening, etc. etc. for another blog. Don’t worry… you’re not getting off that easy. But for now the birds and butterflies drowse in the sun, and there may be a basque dinner to eat. The owner liked my sketches of the place, so maybe I can dine out in fine Basque fashion on those. Now back to bliss. Buen Camino, Suzanne

5 thoughts on “Walled Spanish Garden, with Pilgrim Totem animal

  1. Love that you are reporting on the distance you are not walking — very zen — and and the artist/iconoclast does not follow the proscribed path in any case.

    Those little bottles of olive oil in the vending machine are adorable. It seems that these can be very useful — and not only as a dressing for vegetables or dip for the good grain bread. You could use it with a little salt as a scrub, or slaver it on as a facial treatment before a shower. But probably the best use could be in the morning, as a internal organ support for health. Swallow about a tablespoon (with the liter of water you plan to drink) and it will facilitate cleansing and help provide a filling of fullness until you have the opportunity to have your first cup of coffee after the first stage of the day’s walk.

    Looking forward to your next post about the next oasis you discover….


  2. after googling can see why you have adopted adopting the turtle as your totem -Very apt – definitely looks like an omg moment even through a computer screen – must be divine from where you sit


  3. Love that vending machine!
    I can see that you are savoring every moment, and the moments look wonderful. Brava!


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