Art Hearts

A White Ago by Suzanne Edminster
A White Ago by Suzanne Edminster

This is “A White Ago.” The title was taken from an e e cummings poem. He was one of the most romantic poets of our time, and a painter.

Painting with hearts is tricky. You always are in danger of falling over the boundary into treacly greeting card territory. I liked this notion of a heart in a field of white, time sweeping away old loves and perhaps bringing in the new.

Salamander Winter by Suzanne Edminster
Salamander Winter by Suzanne Edminster

I titled this one Salamander Winter. Again a heart, but there are little salamanders hidden in the base… small fire dragons. My husband, Scott, places boards in wet places to provide little houses for real Arboreal Salamanders in our yard. In alchemy, the salamander represents fidelity and the animal that can survive the flames of adversity. Here’s wishing you luck in love.

9 thoughts on “Art Hearts

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. We’re in Sarasota, Florida in our new winter home. It’s quite interesting to be resident in my own home after 50 years!!! of living outside of the US. I feel like an immigrant. 😉 A question: would it be possible for me to come and paint with you sometime? i.e learn from you. Probably not this winter but maybe next fall? We’re back to Norway in early May and have so many guests here between now and then. I love seeing your paintings, again and again.


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