Dover Image Joy

Call me a fool, but I love Dover images, even if I don’t use them often.  A baboon, a lizard, and choirboys lead the way, while a mammoth skull bellows.  I rushed into the studio, took down a large painting start (orange with flourescent paint) and made a quick assemblage of things to inspire.  Dover images have a rich, black and white web of texture.  I like to enlarge them at Kinko’s on regular copy paper, then rip them freely.  In pieces, you can’t tell what the original image was, but I always think that somehow, the network of lines “remembers.” Paste them down right on the canvas, or, if you’re patient, use an image transfer technique.

Dover Images are a metaphor machine.  Just place any two side by side and see what they tell you.  The choirboys with the mammoth skull?  Well, in the old days we worshipped the animal world, especially those that could kill you.   The skull and the lizard?  We’re immediately in the desert the desert, or the underworld. And, by the way, they’re not copyrighted… they have officially entered the realm of the archetype, the eternal.  Forge your bonds with the archetypes.   Invite a Dover book to dinner.

6 thoughts on “Dover Image Joy

  1. Thank you for following me on Twitter – otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy all that you create – your paintings, blog, comments – quite an energy boost! As soon as I figure it out and have time I’ll fff (friend, fan, follow) you back – Check out our fan page – Preston/Hornbuckle Fine Art, and if you like, friend us!


  2. Thanks Suzanne…..whenever I look at your art, I’m reminded that i WILL take one of your workshops. When will you be doing one at the Barracks? Paula Strother


    1. Paula, I’m introducing my new weekend workshop class, SPONTANEOUS CONSTRUCTION, for Spring 2012. The signup sheets will be available in my studio over the weekend. It’s not even on the web yet. I’ll be sure to get the info to you. I’m excited about it… it’s a totally new class.


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