Like many artists, I’m an introvert.  I use media, but find it essential to preserve a core that is not touched by it.  You can find media icons at the bottom of the page.  I like knowing you’re out there, and that the work is being seen.  Links:  Saltworkstudio Facebook, my personal Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

My favorite form of  socializing  is the Saltworkstudio TinyLetter, a simple email with a big title, Symbol Warehouse Paintbox  I send it a few times each month.  It is newsier and more personal than many of my online postings.  It is not designed for sales or publicity, but for authentic communication between me and friends, well-wishers, and artists.  If you want to see what you’re getting into, click letter archives to read a few.  I hope you enjoy it… I like writing it.   Suzanne