2018 Intuitive Art Classes

Saltworkstudio Classes Spring 2018

Welcome! I’m offering four intuitive art sections in Saltworkstudio this spring.  Please scroll down to see intuitive painting classes.  Explore your creativity!

  • Metaphoracards Collage, Saturday February 24, 2018,  10AM-3PM, $50
  •  CANCELLED–  Abstracts with Gold Metal Leaf, Saturday, March 24, 2018, 10AM to 3 PM, $75    This class will be rescheduled.  Email me for details.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Dream Images, Saturday, April 21, 2018, 10AM to 3PM, $75 + $20 materials fee.  All materials included.
  • Metaphoracards Collage, Sunday April 22, 10-3 PM.  $55, 10AM to 3PM.  See below for details.

Registration information here.  Space for 6-8 students per class.

Metaphoracards Collage Class 

Saturday February 24, 10-3 PM, in-studio, SOFA Santa Rosa Arts District, $50.

Metaphoracards, Suzanne Edminster, Saltworkstudio
A sample of the Metaphoracards I’ve made over the years. You can too!

These are sooo fun.  I provide matboard blanks and we make a series of small, surreal, intuitive art collages with both paint and images.  You can collect these to start your own strange oracle deck!  We’ll use found materials– bring 5-10 magazines, books, or old calendars with good images to share (we don’t use our words).  Don’t choose or bring too many images in advance, as chance is part of the process!  At the end of the day we’ll do “readings” for each other with the “deck” the class produces.  These little constructions emit a tiny bit of magic.  Many materials provided.  Register here.

Materials List for Metaphoracards Intuitive Art Class

  1.  latex or nitrile gloves (optional but recommended)
  2. small package of wet wipes
  3. roll of paper towels and a couple of yogurt containers for water
  4. Brown paper bag to be your individual trash holder
  5. a small jar of acrylic Glossy Soft Gel medium, any brand.  Bring a few “junk brushes” in various sizes for applying the gel.
  6. Scissors
  7. Selection of torn out magazine images or papers you like.  Please don’t bring personal photos or images (your cat, etc.), because this process works best with more random, intuitive images.
  8. 5-10 image sources to share with class: magazines, books, old calendars, or fancy papers to share
  9. Basic paints provided.  Up to six matboard backs provided.
  10. You could bring a few liquid or tube paints in colors you like.  Liquid acrylic inks in bright colors are nice too,  if you want to experiment.  But you could probably do the whole class without bringing too many extra things.
  11. Bring a notebook to record your ideas and insights.

The class sign-up form is on this site, just under 2018 Intuitive Art Classes.

I’m looking forward to playing Metaphoracards with you!  Suzanne





Abstracts with Gold Metal Leaf

Saturday, March 24, 2018, 10AM – 3PM, Saltworkstudio, $75.



Learn how to make stunning abstractions using gold metal leaf as an element. We’ll make 3 abstracts with gold leaf to learn techniques and ways of using the material. What does gold mean to you? We’ll also work on translating emotions into abstract form. We use Golden acrylic spray varnish and a hardware store acrylic varnish;  both have a bit of a smell, so this class is not recommended for people with chemical sensitivities. (We let the paintings dry outside and the studio is well ventilated.) Register here.

Materials (many provided)

  1. latex or nitrile gloves (optional but highly recommended)
  2. small package of wet wipes
  3. roll of paper towels and a couple of yogurt containers for water
  4. Brown paper bag to be your individual trash holder
  5. 3 canvases or wood panels 11 x 14 or larger.  Larger is better for this process. Rectangle recommended. (No canvas boards: they will warp.)
  6. One can of Golden Archival Spray Varnish.  You can find it at Riley Street.
  7. A package of gold metal leaf, the kind that has square pages.  I prefer plain gold, but you can bring whatever color or pattern catches your eye. Again, check out Riley Street.
  8. Golden liquid acrylics, small bottles:  Turquoise, Nickel Azo Yellow, Magenta. Payne’s Grey is another really nice one.
  9. A roll of regular waxed paper.
  10. I provide my “secret” adhesive, my special sauce texture paste, basic paints for colors,  pencils, pens, and crayons to write into and over paint, and more fun things.
  11. Bring a notebook to record your ideas and insights, and to compose your paintings after envisioning golden themes and ideas.
  12. Optional:  Nancy Reyner’s book Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective and Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques, for inspiration and technique ideas.


Fantastic Beasts and Dream Images, Parts One and Two

Saturday, April 21, 2018, 10AM – 3PM, Saltworkstudio, SOFA Santa Rosa Arts District, $75 + $20 materials fee. (All materials provided.)

Optional: Sunday, April 22, 2018, 10AM to 3PM, Part 2 of Fantastic Beasts.    $60 in combination with Saturday’s class,  $150 for two days of painting. 2 more wood panels provided. No materials fee, but you must take the Saturday class.


Where does she get her ideas? Learn the intuitive painting approaches that encourage these creatures and stories to emerge from the otherworld.  I will provide 3 large paper surfaces, 3 simple wood panels, paints, and tools.  You can forget about materials and  and focus on process.  Though the images may be unconventional, this is not an “art therapy” class:  I will teach a rigorously aesthetic approach as well.  If you are interested in going with the flow and painting spontaneously,  while still loving your finished painting, you’ll enjoy this class.  Part 2, on Sunday April 22, will allow you to extend your process, or start new paintings.  You must take Part 1 to take Part 2. Register here.

Materials List

  1. All materials provided by instructor.
  2. Bring latex or nitrile gloves as we will be painting with our hands quite a bit.