New Year Venus

Point Reyes Venus by Suzanne Edminster,  acrylic on canvas 36 x 48, $850 - CopyThis is the Point Reyes Venus. I did a lot of silly pastel play, the brush gently following an intuitive coastline, based on a dawn I witnessed on Limantour Beach in Point Reyes. I rarely paint from discrete experience any more, so this was a lovely surprise when it was appreciated and sold this week. Take heart, artists, and treasure the “odd children” of your brush.

9 thoughts on “New Year Venus

  1. Gaia Gorgeous! ‘Interesting’ how She shows up at the most (otherwise) inopportune and/or unexpected times (like the Icelandic Volcano G-d/d-ss whose awakened ashes blanketed The Continent and grounded Euro air traffic for a week of daze in the spring of 2010! She and Venus are, most likely, the best of friends)!


  2. congrats on the sale, Suzanne. You are starting the year with harbinger’s of spring and rebirth, I can tell. I miss you and will be in SF the night of your next “3rd Thursday” studio openings, but I hope to get there in Feb–or sooner. Right now we are dealing with a devastating loss of my stepson. I’ll send you separate email on that. much love to you and Scott, Sandra


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