2014 Events

Four Hands Painting: The Golden Thread
Suzanne Edminster and Susan Cornelis

from October 30 – December 6, 2012

Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Four Hands Susan Suzanne

Full Invitation

Opening Reception: Oct. 30, 6-8pm

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 1-4pm

Artists’ Talk: “Two Artists, One Canvas: The Golden Thread of Collaboration”
Saturday, November 8, 1:30-2:30pm

Please join me and my painting collaborator, Susan Cornelis, for the opening exhibit of The Golden Thread.
Four Hands Painting is an ongoing collaborative project founded in 2011 by Susan Cornelis and Suzanne Edminster. What does it mean to make a painting together? How could two individual aesthetics align to create something neither could have made alone?

We always work in the same room at the same time, passing the paintings back and forth. We stop at stages to brainstorm, evaluate, and document the process. We keep a notebook that includes both technical ideas and wild ramblings. Our aim was to playfully follow intuition and synchronicity, putting aside personal egos and styles to let the collaborative process blossom.

Joseph Campbell said, “Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” We dreamed a project composed of private myths with few rules and endless possibilities, with the goal of making our painted dreams public. The Golden Thread is the thread of collaboration that binds us together and guides us to a new creation, if we are brave enough to follow it.

For more details on the Four Hands Painting process, please attend our Artist Talk:

Two Artists, One Canvas: The Golden Thread of Collaboration

Saturday, November 8, 1:30-2:30 in Gallery 3, Sebastopol Center for the Arts

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  1. Suzanne is a beautiful, creative and generous artist with a warm vision of life that is reflected in her work.
    I encourage you to see her show and check out her blog!

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